Advertising and Marketing

We stand for the fact that advertising is a genuine passion. The passion that opens the door of fantasy, unleashes your emotions and burrows into your imagination.

In combination passionate advertising and sophisticated marketing constitute an inherent pair that creates an original, comprehensible and, above all, effective message to customers who simply cannot resist that perfect pairing.

Internet Advertising and Marketing

Internet advertising is just a little-bit of a World that is commonly known simply as Marketing. Without creativity, ideas and fantasy an original ad cannot achieve anything at all. In order for Internet advertising to obtain the best results, it is necessary to identify the client’s ideas and to explore the thinking pattern of the target group.

Pankrea can combine everything together to create advertising (not only on the Internet) that grasps the addressed audience.

And what advertising can Pankrea prepare for you?

  • Imaginative or Original
  • Funny or Dignified
  • Elegant or Playful
  • Timeless or Up-to-date
  • Performance-oriented or Enhancing your Brand Awareness
  • ... but above all one that catches the eyes of your customers

The Creation of Advertising with No Boundaries

The production of advertising (which is a chapter in itself) knows no boundaries. Therefore, if you are looking for something in terms of advertising, you are right to be here. We can get a lot of things for you and if we do not know something, we ask our dependable partners for their help..

Do you not believe this!? If you want to ask use the form below and see for yourself!

I routinely tangle the heads of coders and girls. Mostly, the head also spins to the ones who actually see my works.
Tomáš Strejček
Creative Graphic Designer
In my mind, I think that to create a really cool slogan is much easier than you can think it could be.
Leoš Patka
Creative leader
In both graphics and life I chose comfortable simplicity. Whoever does not like it simply has bad luck.
Jindra Holý
Graphic Designer
I like to be part of the process of changing the client’s visual style into a more modern coat.
Eva Jiříková