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Our selected clients

PANKREA creative PR agency

PANKREA is a company of young creative artists and professionals who have teamed up to provide truly original and expert service to their beloved clients. We will create a unique corporate identity for you, show it to the general public in the form of a precise web presentation and subsequently we will influence your marketing communications creatively in the similar manner as the PANCREAs influences the metabolism of the human organism.

Public relations

PR skills and good communication with the public is based on the company’s ability to create good relationships with its surroundings. A good relationship is always based on trust. From trust arises understanding, that enables us to share the positive values that we bring with us to our surroundings and to communicate to others the values that we sincerely believe in.

Creating Websites

We create websites using an original design that accurately presents the clients’ graphic identity and wishes and encourages our creativity. We specialise in UX, SEO, copywriting together with conversion rates and website benefits in general. Our clients’ presentations can be found very easily and you will never find yourself lost amongst them. We consider ourselves as specialists.

Advertising and Marketing

Effective advertisement implies a sufficient knowledge of the product in question and of the client’s needs, degree of creativity and the desire for finding an original idea. That is reason why we try to find out as much as we possibly can about the clients and about their wishes. An advertising idea is always preceded by research of the needs and the thinking patterns of the target group.