Public relations

It is silly to think that in the functioning of medium-size and larger companies public relations are unnecessary. It’s exactly the opposite, of course..

Today you need to actively and creatively communicate and to demonstrate to your surroundings where your real power lies. This is the only way to create a positive image of your company amongst the target audience, the general public, the partners, the investors, or your own employees, and thereby to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

What is public relations?

  • Creative work that provides real information.
  • Attempting to create a pure reflection of the company’s image in the mirror of the public.
  • All activities that are aimed towards consolidating strong relationships.
  • The goal of PR is to create, to maintain and to build excellent public relations.

Our PR services

We will create your corporate identity
Who you really are?

We will create an original visual style
How you present yourself?

We will build your brand
Are you really visible?

We will take care of your media relations
Are you a media favorit?

Why not just ignore public relations altogether?

We dare to say that good communication with the public can be a valuable competitive advantage. Many public relations experts agree that the basis of public relations comprise a strong business identity, a clear image and public opinion. It’s a simple-enough model. Every company strives to obtain the best image. Public opinion represents the mirror in which this image is then reflected.

The purpose of our operation, via appropriate communication tools, is to assist companies in their efforts to pursue a completely clean and undistorted image in the mirror that the target public provides.

Corporate identity then plays an important role in both fields. It is part of the image because it comes out of it and it is also one of the factors that influences public opinion. Therefore, in the portfolio of our services, we offer a discussion concerning corporate design and in-house communication.

Without a precisely processed identity you do not have the slightest chance to engage the public and thereby to build a positive image.
Leoš Patka
Creative leader
A public opinion is very important for every company today. Well-guided PR activities will provide you a positive image.
Markéta Rudyšová
PR a média specialist
There is no article as an article. My skill is to write in such a manner that every reader develops a passion for the topic.
Petra Soukupová
Creative Text-writer
The company’s good communication with the public is definitely a competitive advantage. We can teach it to you.
Kamila Císařová
Creative Text-writer