The Estofan Publishing System

We are PANKREA s.r.o. and we care for creative custom-made solutions! That is why we do not rely on foreign commercial programmes that have rustic settings and often limit or even fail to meet the requirements of both their creators and their users.

The World of ESTOFANWe Keep Pace with the Time

Since the founding of the Pankrea Company we have been developing a unique ESTOFAN system that enables us to create great backgrounds for your site, and for you as the user a simple editing tool as well.

ESTOFAN keeps pace with the time and therefore it undergoes regular updates. This helps to prevent errors and the environment is adapted to modern requirements, and this above all provides an opportunity to develop special tweaks to support your website.

Simplicityis our Priority

This is our programme so you do not have to worry about its control. In the world of ESTOFAN you will feel as good as a fish in water. The environment is simple and adapted for ease-of-use.

We are developing the ESTOFAN system to create room for creativity and for unleashing imagination. A high-quality technical background, the implementation of ideas and satisfied clients – these are the goals that we want to achieve!

However, if you are still unsure about ESTOFAN, there are also more detailed instructions that will be available for you.

Instead of Bravo Magazine I was engaged in DOS. Today I am engaged in webs and our clients love me for it.
Štěpán Sedláček
Master of code
As we produce original tailored webdesigns,
Honza has to cut every webdesign step by step for U.
Jan Hruška
I really enjoy giving the websites their final brush-up. Sometimes it’s hard work to fine-tune them.
Jaroslava Sabóová
Creative Ideologue
Online and social networking are my forte. I am on the side of my clients with all my heart.
Veronika Zahálková
Social Network Creative