Website creation is an art

The creation of good websites represents an art and Pankrea manages this operation perfectly. The websites that come from us are tailored to every individual client -both simple and rich and modern and graceful.

Created thoughtfully and above all creatively, so that the customers quickly find what they are looking for, by making them entertained and the websites will also bring you just the same benefits.

Website Creation that Comes with an Idea

Creating a website represents a platform for us to let-loose our imagination, while we also take into account all the other important factors. This is not only about creating eye-catching websites, but also about the robots who optimise the websites’ searchability. We also specialise in websites on behalf of joint-stock companies, which have been mandatory from the 1st of January 2014, while their content is screened by law.

Website Creation in Hradec Králové

Our main home and location is in Hradec Králové, where we have a wide portfolio of clients. A large group of our customers also come from Prague and Central Bohemia but our creativity knows no boundaries, so we can implement the creation of websites within the entire lands of Bohemia and Moravia and also in the near vicinity.

Request a non-binding consultation

We know that you have a lot of work and that you do not have time to maintain your website. This is why we are here to watch over and often also to “tame” your website. Website management may already be upon you, or we can take care of everything for you. This depends only on your wishes and requirements.

Instead of Bravo Magazine I was engaged in DOS. Today I am engaged in webs and our clients love me for it.
Štěpán Sedláček
Master of code
As we produce original tailored webdesigns,
Honza has to cut every webdesign step by step for U.
Jan Hruška
I really enjoy giving the websites their final brush-up. Sometimes it’s hard work to fine-tune them.
Jaroslava Sabóová
Creative Ideologue
Online and social networking are my forte. I am on the side of my clients with all my heart.
Veronika Zahálková
Social Network Creative